Wedding Things

Here are some designs I pulled together for my wedding.

The wedding program (which still needs to go to the printers): weddingprogram.pdf

And another couple of things:

Wedding Invitation and Enclosures

Save-the-Date Postcards (Front and Back)

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Graphic Design II – Long Past and/or At Last

I’ve been terrible at updating my blog. I’m not resolving to do better. I’m just posting the work I did in graphic design II. I’ll post more later. I’m just really pressed for time. Some of these files are big. Beware.

Project I: Ornate Letters
Q – Q.pdf
E – E.pdf
D – D.pdf

Project II: Letter Histogram as a Calendar Page
C – C.pdf
N – N.pdf

Project III: Billboard Remix


Project IV: Animating and Coloring Project III
Coloration – Coloration.pdf
Animation- MediaFire Download Link

Project V: Final Project, Mix Tape and Album Art
20 x 20 Initial Documents:
Composition 1 – Composition 1 (pdf)
Composition 2 – Composition 2 (pdf)
Composition 3 – Composition 3 (pdf)
CD Art:
Back – CD Back (pdf)
Booklet 1 – CD Booklet 1 (pdf)
Booklet 2 – CD Booklet 2 (pdf)
Booklet 3 – CD Booklet 3 (pdf)
Booklet 4 – CD Booklet 4 (pdf)

More later. Genetics Exam now.

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Schedule for Progression

I haven’t posted in a long time. I have been exceedingly busy. It’s not an excuse. It’s a statement of fact. The work I will showcase for my BA show must be ready by the last week of this month to a jury panel. Therefore, all the art I potentially want to represent my graduate work must be completed by this week. So, I have been busy working on that. I have four completed compositions so far and have plans to have a total of 11 by the end of this month. In order to do that, I need to stay on schedule… so, for my own purposes and I guess for your possible curiosity, here is the schedule and inventory of work I should make and have by the end of this month.

List of works to be completed for panel presentation:
(1) drawing: blue composition with tentacles
(2) etch: fountain and inverted cityscape
(3) drawing: orange composition with pegasus
(4) etch: set of five progressive moons with armillary sphere
(5) etch: tree, comet, and armillary sphere
(6) drawing collage: self-portrait in observatory
(7) drawing: tall observatory with zeus
(8) etch: mermaid atop fountain
(9) drawing: book on desk with illustrative cityscape and creatures
(10) drawing: Pleiades with abacus
(11) drawing: the virgin with astrolabe

– (3) Add Pegasus
– (1) Add angles
– (5) Tracing paper sketch

– (6) Work
– (5) Soft ground impression and etch
– (5) Wax ground coat

10-11 OCT Sa & Su
– (6) Finish
– (4) Get matboard

12 OCT M
– (4) Assemble and sign
– (5) Initial drawing etch

13 OCT T
– (5) Work

14 OCT W
– (5) Work
– (7) Get paper

15 OCT R (Fall Break)
– (5) Finish
– (7) Sketch full size

16 OCT F (Fall Break)
– (7) Work

17-18 OCT Sa & Su (Fall Break)
– (7) Finish

19 OCT M
– (8) Tracing paper sketch
– (8) Wax ground coat
– (8) Initial drawing etch

20 OCT T
– (8) Work

21 OCT W
– (8) Work

22 OCT R
– (8) Finish
– (9) Get paper

23 OCT F
– (9) Work

24-25 OCT Sa & Su
– (9) Finish

Week of 26 OCT
– Mat all work to present to panel

Projects (10) and (11) I will need to finish at home, not in the designated time slots I have for classes, which is where I will be doing the work in the above schedule. If I get ahead, just bump everything up. Things need to be finished in this order to stay organized. These things are prioritized.

My drawings will all have some element of color. My etches will all be done on white vellum bristol.

If I don’t stay organized, I will drive myself crazy. The madness starts tomorrow.

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August Update

Here’s my first update. The first image is the first drawing I’ve done for my 4388. The next is an embellished letter “D” for Graphic Design II.

Tentacle Landscape

Tentacle Landscape

Letter D

Letter D

More soon!

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And so it Begins

(The title is a homage to a few facebook friends who have posted the same status… seems appropriate)

This term, being the final semester of my undergraduate study, seems to me like it will require a lot of discipline on my part. Being someone who carries her planner everywhere, writes down everything she may (or may not) forget, and has a tendency to organize to the point where execution is made simple… this semester could either cause a meltdown or be unprecedentedly prolific. Let’s hope for the latter.

I have very few hours I am taking, but the courses I am taking will require a lot of hard work (which I am willing to put in). Graphic Design II will keep me up at night. It’s not Ray’s fault. It’s not my fault. It’s just how it’s going to be. I have a tendency to think and think these graphic things to the point where I feel like it can only come together (magically) during the witching hour. I’m fine with it.

Dr. Seymour asked me yesterday if I am one of those types that doesn’t sleep (I suppose she was judging me based on writing furiously in my planner as she spoke to me about our projects we will work on over the course of the semester). I smiled and replied that I manage. She has me working on things for ArtsFest in Conway, which may or may not include a redesign of the event’s website (I hope it does. I love web design).  Then we’ll be working on inventory for the art on campus as well as working with the artists in residence and likely distributing materials campuswide. I get to be a little errand girl this semester and I couldn’t be happier. The busier I am the better my things tend to be.

Printmaking II should be good as well. I ended up doing a lot of the Printmaking II techniques in Printmaking I because I was physically unable to perform the woodcutting (due to my untimely aquisition of carpal tunnel syndrome likely caused by copious amounts of PC gaming and IMing and blogging and coding over the years). But Bowman seems to think I can probably incorporate the work I do in Print II to be relevant in my 4388 (advanced studio). I hope so.

I haven’t been to Portfolio III yet, but so far the portfolio classes have consisted of a lot of preparation for one big project or presentation… so this class will likely be a lot of preparation for my senior show and (hopefully) things to follow.

My 4388– the class I have been looking forward to since I heard those number jumbled together the first time at UCA– finally has taken some direction in the past few nights. I have been thinking and stumbling over ideas about media and presentation. All I really knew was that I wanted to create environments that suggested my own world… like viewing my art and feeling as though one was sucked into a different realm. Such examples of the total immersion of which I speak are Shaun Tan and Tim Burton. Perhaps different imagery and color palettes, perhaps different characters and formal elements, but certainly the concept of creating a mood and an atmosphere and uniting the elements that I wish to incorporate. Since this will be my biggest project this semester (in addition to creating both a design portfolio to look for a job and a portfolio for admission into an MFA program), I will likely have plenty of updates of the work I’m doing on this in photographs. I should be able to blog about the other work I’m doing as well… this is just one huge project and it seems like a great opportunity to document my progress.

I’m also taking World Literature II, which seems completely unrelated to everything else I’m doing… which seems exceedingly cohesive in my eyes. So created is a balance, I suppose.

One more thing: I graduate on Hannukah. Mazel Tov, Hayley Suzanne.

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Pegasus Final

I’ve been so busy wrapping up the Summer II session that I haven’t been blogging much. I do, however, have a lot of art to show for it. For now, let me show you the pegasus I have been working on. I’ll post my graphic design images soon… but I need to get to class now and turn this in. I’m supposed to add wood grain somewhere in the composition, so I wanted to post a picture of it before I potentially screwed it up. Anyhow, Pegasus:

Illustration I: Final, Pegasus

Illustration I: Final, Pegasus

More soon. I’m heading to my hometown for a few days to relax by the pool while my parents are out of town. Housesitting is the best thing ever.

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Making an Image Toolbox

Working on images for one of my ten quotes. All of the images for my final in graphic design are due on Monday. These are the images I have been working on for one of the quotes.

Graphic Design I: Final Project Thumbnails

Graphic Design I: Final Project Thumbnails

More soon. I’m going to have a huge toolbox. I want a lot of graphic resources for this project.

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