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Nautical Inspiration

Isn’t it odd sometimes how we find inspiration in the strangest of places? And isn’t it even more peculiar the things we find fascinating? I don’t remember when it started, but I have a preoccupation with sharks. Here lately, the … Continue reading

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Electric Blue Window (In Progress)

In progress right now is another mathematically focused drawing, this time involving a disconnected dreamer, a window, the Fibonacci sequence, and an eerie blue light. I don’t have a high quality photo of the image yet, but the work in … Continue reading

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Knowledge Is Power

LSU got in touch with me today concerning their graduate architecture program. It’s really nice to hear back from them. The professor in charge of graduate studies writes: Our program is aimed specifically at students like you who have an … Continue reading

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Illustration (in) Progress

On Saturday morning, Omar and I finished a panel for our comic we’re working on– a landmark in the creative process. One panel down, hundreds to go. It was a milestone, so I thought I’d document it.

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Annual Student Competitive

I entered the annual student competitive art show at UCA, as instructed to do so by my Drawing III professor, and I got in! I’ll post the art that made it into the show when the show goes down. Very … Continue reading

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This should begin the clever documentation of my artwork, works in progress, collaborative works, and other random things having to do with my creative process. Hopefully this will serve as a journal and portfolio of sorts.

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Initial Update

I have posted some of my old artwork in my gallery. The images are not the best quality (not slide quality), but they will do until I get slides taken. I will have more coming as I get them photographed.

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