Electric Blue Window (In Progress)

In progress right now is another mathematically focused drawing, this time involving a disconnected dreamer, a window, the Fibonacci sequence, and an eerie blue light. I don’t have a high quality photo of the image yet, but the work in progress can be seen here.

I’m working on a title for it as well. Right now, I’m thinking The Haunting (Perfectly Proportioned). Still working on that, but I really like it. More on this work later.


About hayley suzanne

art, math, being twenty-something… that kind of thing.
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One Response to Electric Blue Window (In Progress)

  1. agribah says:

    Recurrence Relations!

    sub fibonacci
    my $n = shift;

    if ($n < 2)
    return $n;
    return fibonacci($n-1) + fibonacci($n-2);

    -lover of PERL

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