Spring Finale

Today I turn in my process drawing (on which I have about 100 hours worth of drawing) and my portfolio (from which I have posted the relevant content on this site). Next week I have my final drawing, my reworked We can Fly, my two reliquary ceramics pieces, as well as my ceramics final. Of course I have my written finals to fret over as well, in addition to the upcoming May intersession (and Summer I and Summer II…), but then I can get started on finding materials for my 4388. Those materials will consist of images I find interesting while perusing the library stacks. Very exciting times. I’ll be on campus from nine until noon during May, so I figure why not stick around and get some research done in the meantime?

Anyway, I probably need to go get my process drawing images printed out and my portfolio drawings measured for my slides.


About hayley suzanne

art, math, being twenty-something… that kind of thing.
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