Summer Update

Quite a lot has happened to me academically and artistically since I last posted. So much, in fact, this might be a long post.

I ended up finishing my spring semester of classes with a 3.8. It didn’t get me on the President’s List like my past couple semesters… but who would complain about the Dean’s List? My only B was in Ceramics I. I’d call this a great success for me. My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome really became troublesome at random intervals throughout the term, so surviving that class is more of a success than a failure, I would say. This of course means I received As in:

– Drawing III… and my process drawing ended up looking amazing. I also need to post a photograph of my final project from that class called Binary Shark
– Portfolio II… in which I turned in my portfolio of slides that can be seen in the Gallery portion of this blog
– Spanish 2300… biggest shocker of the semester.
– Differential Equations… EASILY my favorite math class of all time. Dr. Le is an amazing professor. If you get the opportunity and have any interest, I highly recommend this one. Fascinating stuff.
– 19th-Century Art History… really engaging information. If I could have a third focus in school, art history would easily be it.

So, after spring semester came to an end, I immediately picked up with May intersession (which started the very next week!). I took World History II (or, as I like to call it, “History of the World, Part II”) with Professor Green. It really blew my mind that we studied everything from the Early Modern Era to the aftermath of World War II in three weeks. I absolutely love history. The greatest thing about May intersession classes and their tests are that they are so close together you don’t have time to forget anything. I got an A in that class. Unfortunately, it was only barely enough to get me interested. I kind of wish this one had been dragged out an entire semester… or that at least I had the opportunity to take more undergraduate history classes before I graduate.

So now I am enrolled in a Summer I course, Linear Algebra and Matrices with Dr. Hickling. There, again, was no break between the Summer I session and May intersession… so I am running on weekends for breaks. No biggie though. I’m tough. But, yes, Linear Algebra… I tried to take this class once before (highly unsuccessfully). I was not focused on school, had weird issues with socializing, experienced head trauma, etc. etc… but this time I’m more than ready. Having had ODE before this class, I’m starting to understand conceptual applications of the matrices rather than just seeing them and saying, “my, what a not-very-interesting group of numbers in brackets.” If I end up getting better than an F, it will go down as a complete replacement for my failed attempt before… which will be super nice and bring my grade point up even more. Exciting times.

As far as my art goes, I ended up finishing the album work for my friend and very talented musician Jean Bilodeau. His album will be released in Saskatchewan on the weekend of July 4th with my artwork on the cover. My comic art with Omar got pushed back indefinitely. And my collaborative efforts with the very creative Jack Chrysostomou are starting to pick up. Unfortunately, my laptop committed suicide and I’m looking to fix it, so that might have to be put on hold as well.

Right now, my main artistic focus is on what I will be doing in my advanced studio with Professor Bowman. I will be creating collage-based drawings/illustrations which will incorporate 16th-century astronomy engravings and medieval cryptozoology with Art Deco architecture and art… and, of course, my own added elements of surrealism and mathematics and fantasy thrown into the mix. It is proving in its early stages to be enjoyable, inspirational, and a lot of hard work. I am so excited I can hardly wait. I shall post pictures as soon as I can.

For now, here is a list of content to look for in the near future on my blog:
Binary Shark
– Process Drawing Updates
– Jean Bilodeau’s Fransaskois album artwork
– Sketchbook (a feature on my blog which I hope to implement with preliminary drawings, sketches, or things that really would not qualify as finished drawings)
– *possibly* a section with the ongoing work I’m doing for my advanced studio to serve as a blog within a blog to keep track of what I’m doing on this cohesive project.

Thanks so much for keeping up with me as an artist. More to come in the near future.


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2 Responses to Summer Update

  1. fetidpants says:

    I don’t remember much from linear — mostly that its possible to perform a fit of an arbitrary polynomial using least-squares regression.
    Looking forward to your new work; ever heard of tyco brahe? I’ll be in Arkansas from 6/15-6/29, btw, if you’ll be around and want to hang out.

    • Hayley Suzanne says:

      Of course I’ve heard of Brahe… him and Kepler were into the elliptical orbit, right? And, yes, for as little are you’re in Arkansas, we need to hang out while you are around. I look forward to it.

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