Graduate School Applications

I’ve been filling out transcript request forms, recommendation request forms, and making all sorts of lists with due dates yesterday and today. My hands hurt from all the writing. I found the portfolio sleeves I want to use for my portfolio submission. I figure getting a jump on all of this while I’m not extremely busy with school will make things easier when I get busy with graduation and things this fall.

What I still have left to do:
– Take the GRE (and have scores sent to the appropriate schools) : Registered for Aug. 17
– Mail off my transcript request forms (with applicable fees) : Aug. 1
– Distribute my recommendation forms : Aug. 1
– Apply online at each school : Aug. 1
– Send application fees : Aug. 1
– Assemble portfolio : Fall, after Aug. 1
– Generate Statements of Purpose Essays for each school : ASAP
– Send statements and portfolios to each school : ASAP
– Apply for assistantships and/or fellowships at each school : with statements

Everything isn’t due until after the first of the year (some applications are due in mid-January, others are not due until mid-February). I hope to get everything submitted between the time I graduate and the first of the year (for priority consideration for assistantships and fellowships).

Easy enough, right? I’m getting really excited already. I seriously spent 2 hours today filling out forms and envelopes just in preparation. Did I mention I was really excited? I totally am.


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