Summer I: Fin!

I took my final in Linear Algebra today, which officially gives me a minor in mathematics and marks the last math class I will take in undergraduate work. Kind of sweet sorrow. There toward the end, I was really getting back into the swing of math. Hopefully my professor from this summer will let me work with him on a project with computer graphics, math, and art. How cool would that be? I know, right?

Also I got a puppy. I can’t tell just yet if she is keeping me sane or driving me crazy. All I know is that she is a minpin… and she more than likely thinks I am her pet rather than vice versa.

I got my copy of Jean Bilodeau’s album for which I did the cover art in the mail this past week. Really great music and the art ended up looking way better than I thought it would. He’s having a big release party this weekend. The 4th of July celebrates his folk music in Canada while we celebrate our independence here in the USA. hehe.

All I have left for summer classes are Graphic Design I and Illustration I in the Summer II session. Hooray getting up at 8AM to do art! At least it’s with professor Bowman.

Anyway, that’s my update. I get started on my independent artwork starting next week and I have the research materials for it. Exciting times. I should start posting more artwork soon. I just have been so busy and keep forgetting to take pictures. Soon though!


About hayley suzanne

art, math, being twenty-something… that kind of thing.
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