Summer II, Now We’re Cookin’…

Okay, this is what I’ve been waiting for all summer… actually doing art. I’m exhausted, but here’s some of the art I’ve managed to create:

Graphic Design I: Project 2 Logos

Graphic Design I: Project 2 Logos

This project was to create three black-and-white logos for a nameless company that makes environmentally friendly cleaning products. The process included sketching, creating stamps from those sketches, then photoshopping the inked prints. These are my three final images I created for the project.

Illustration I: Project I Bird Anthropomorphization

Illustration I: Project 1 Bird Anthropomorphization

This project was to use prismacolors on toned paper and create a believable combination of myself and a bird. This is a lot of different birds.

More to come later. I’m currently working on a medical illustration in my illustration class. Should be good… I’m loving it.

OH! I also found out today that I am a recipient of a $700 per semester scholarship from the UCA Art Department… it’s almost too bad I graduate in December. Put a smile on my face all day long.


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art, math, being twenty-something… that kind of thing.
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