More Things to See!

I’m trying to get better about making my posts interesting and including actual images. The only problem with that is that sometimes… I take the pictures on my phone and they end up not doing the actual images justice. However, poor pictures are better than no pictures. Here’s a picture of a medical procedure we were assigned to illustrate in Illustration I.

Illustration I: Project 2 Medical Illustration

Illustration I: Project 2 Medical Illustration

So, yeah, poor quality… but I really think I’ve found something I enjoy doing. I love the technical aspect of it. I love being able to plug myself up to my iPod and shuffle through nocturnes and lose myself in the mundane mark-making process, creating textures of things beneath the surface of each of us. Revealing with my hands on paper the inner workings of us all. It feels meaningful, almost like I’m channeling my inner Leonardo… with all this talk of architecture and the fascination with medical illustration and the golden ratio. But, I could only dream to be as great as he is… to be thought of as so brilliant and innovative… to be a pioneer of so many progressive, constructive ideas. To be honest, I would really like to make a living doing what I am passionate about. That’s really all I ask.

More soon.


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art, math, being twenty-something… that kind of thing.
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One Response to More Things to See!

  1. Tyler says:

    It looks like a coronary operation or something. Nice to see you’re enjoying your work.

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