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Things to see. These are the prelim final images I have come up with, complete with typography. While I’m at it, let me finally explain the project. Basically, given quotes (and choosing three), I had to come up with 6 analog and 6 digital interpretations for each. Then I had to merge the ideas from the analog with the digital, creating 12 new synthesized images for each quote. Today was the critique on the synthesized images (hence why I was up until all hours of the night/morning). Once, critiqued, I chose 3 of those 12 for each quote, based on coherence and other elements. So, if you’ve done the math, I ended up creating 18 analog images, 18 digital images, and 36 synthetic images… for a grand total of 72 images. THEN I took the 36 synthetic images, and chose 9 to refine. Although I might not necessarily be 100% finished, here are the nine (with typography!).


Graphic Design I: Project 3 Final Thumbnails

Graphic Design I: Project 3 Final Thumbnails


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art, math, being twenty-something… that kind of thing.
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