Pegasus Final

I’ve been so busy wrapping up the Summer II session that I haven’t been blogging much. I do, however, have a lot of art to show for it. For now, let me show you the pegasus I have been working on. I’ll post my graphic design images soon… but I need to get to class now and turn this in. I’m supposed to add wood grain somewhere in the composition, so I wanted to post a picture of it before I potentially screwed it up. Anyhow, Pegasus:

Illustration I: Final, Pegasus

Illustration I: Final, Pegasus

More soon. I’m heading to my hometown for a few days to relax by the pool while my parents are out of town. Housesitting is the best thing ever.


About hayley suzanne

art, math, being twenty-something… that kind of thing.
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2 Responses to Pegasus Final

  1. Holly Hibbs says:

    Please, please don’t think I’m dumb for asking this, but did you DRAW this?

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