Schedule for Progression

I haven’t posted in a long time. I have been exceedingly busy. It’s not an excuse. It’s a statement of fact. The work I will showcase for my BA show must be ready by the last week of this month to a jury panel. Therefore, all the art I potentially want to represent my graduate work must be completed by this week. So, I have been busy working on that. I have four completed compositions so far and have plans to have a total of 11 by the end of this month. In order to do that, I need to stay on schedule… so, for my own purposes and I guess for your possible curiosity, here is the schedule and inventory of work I should make and have by the end of this month.

List of works to be completed for panel presentation:
(1) drawing: blue composition with tentacles
(2) etch: fountain and inverted cityscape
(3) drawing: orange composition with pegasus
(4) etch: set of five progressive moons with armillary sphere
(5) etch: tree, comet, and armillary sphere
(6) drawing collage: self-portrait in observatory
(7) drawing: tall observatory with zeus
(8) etch: mermaid atop fountain
(9) drawing: book on desk with illustrative cityscape and creatures
(10) drawing: Pleiades with abacus
(11) drawing: the virgin with astrolabe

– (3) Add Pegasus
– (1) Add angles
– (5) Tracing paper sketch

– (6) Work
– (5) Soft ground impression and etch
– (5) Wax ground coat

10-11 OCT Sa & Su
– (6) Finish
– (4) Get matboard

12 OCT M
– (4) Assemble and sign
– (5) Initial drawing etch

13 OCT T
– (5) Work

14 OCT W
– (5) Work
– (7) Get paper

15 OCT R (Fall Break)
– (5) Finish
– (7) Sketch full size

16 OCT F (Fall Break)
– (7) Work

17-18 OCT Sa & Su (Fall Break)
– (7) Finish

19 OCT M
– (8) Tracing paper sketch
– (8) Wax ground coat
– (8) Initial drawing etch

20 OCT T
– (8) Work

21 OCT W
– (8) Work

22 OCT R
– (8) Finish
– (9) Get paper

23 OCT F
– (9) Work

24-25 OCT Sa & Su
– (9) Finish

Week of 26 OCT
– Mat all work to present to panel

Projects (10) and (11) I will need to finish at home, not in the designated time slots I have for classes, which is where I will be doing the work in the above schedule. If I get ahead, just bump everything up. Things need to be finished in this order to stay organized. These things are prioritized.

My drawings will all have some element of color. My etches will all be done on white vellum bristol.

If I don’t stay organized, I will drive myself crazy. The madness starts tomorrow.


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art, math, being twenty-something… that kind of thing.
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One Response to Schedule for Progression

  1. tyler says:

    looking forward to the fruits of your labor. will these comprise your portfolio for grad school, too?

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