Graphic Design II – Long Past and/or At Last

I’ve been terrible at updating my blog. I’m not resolving to do better. I’m just posting the work I did in graphic design II. I’ll post more later. I’m just really pressed for time. Some of these files are big. Beware.

Project I: Ornate Letters
Q – Q.pdf
E – E.pdf
D – D.pdf

Project II: Letter Histogram as a Calendar Page
C – C.pdf
N – N.pdf

Project III: Billboard Remix


Project IV: Animating and Coloring Project III
Coloration – Coloration.pdf
Animation- MediaFire Download Link

Project V: Final Project, Mix Tape and Album Art
20 x 20 Initial Documents:
Composition 1 – Composition 1 (pdf)
Composition 2 – Composition 2 (pdf)
Composition 3 – Composition 3 (pdf)
CD Art:
Back – CD Back (pdf)
Booklet 1 – CD Booklet 1 (pdf)
Booklet 2 – CD Booklet 2 (pdf)
Booklet 3 – CD Booklet 3 (pdf)
Booklet 4 – CD Booklet 4 (pdf)

More later. Genetics Exam now.


About hayley suzanne

art, math, being twenty-something… that kind of thing.
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