I am a graduate from the University of Central Arkansas, currently working as a freelance photographer and designer.

My life consists of making art, dreaming about things I will turn into art, organizing long lists of things I need to do, and then doing the things on said list. Typically, the things on the lists are art projects, math homework, and absolutely riveting activities with my friends. I have yet to figure out how I bend the space-time continuum to make time for all these things (but I am very happy it works out that way).

I have many, varied interests. I certainly hope they come out in my artwork. As an artist, I try to incorporate into my work elements that reflect who I am as a person and the things I experience being this person. More often than not, my interests tend to reflect my preoccupation with dreams, mathematics, the night sky, and childhood.

I have created this blog in an effort to document my experiences as an artist, a mathematician, a student, and a twenty-something woman in hopes of creating not only a journal for me to look back on later in life but also perhaps to serve as a portfolio of sorts. That said, I think I have said enough.

If you wish to contact me, please e-mail me:
hayleysuzanne @ gmail.com