When I began my higher education, I started as a physics major, progressed to the pursuit of a degree in pure mathematics, then evolved into an art student. The drastic change in emphasis of my education has greatly influenced my art. Most of the art I produce is quite surreal, illustrative, and focuses on integrating mathematical and scientific imagery. My creative process emphasizes planning and structure, as I strive to create a sense of cohesion in my art. I prefer to work in two-dimensional media, incorporating elements of printmaking either stylistically in my drawings or directly in my etchings.

I find myself inspired by art deco architecture and astronomy engravings of the Renaissance. I desire to create a unique environment through merging my interests into singular compositions. I believe by combining elements of my existence as a mathematician and an artist and expressing myself and my personal interests in my work, I create detailed art with a unique message– to comment on the view of mathematics as inaccessible in contemporary culture.